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MEGA Studios Bar Set

About Mega Studios Bar Set:

Warehouse Bar Set: This Custom Warehouse Bar set is truly the perfect one-of-a-kind film location. Sitting in a 30,000 sqft warehouse film studio the options are endless. This bar set has tons of production value making it perfect for any Film Shoots, Photo Shoots, Commercials, Professional Events + Much More. Unmatched by any other bar set this location makes it the perfect scene for underground warehouse party scenes, fight scenes, drinking scenes + much more! A versatile bar perfect for any type of production. We are a film-friendly studio tailored to host even the largest productions. We also offer production equipment on site. Book now and see why so many people love working with us!



Stage Manager

Hair & Makeup Station / Greenroom

Industrial Windows/Daylight

(1) Restrooms

House Power 110v



Water Hose

Mega Studios Stage Map

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