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Grand 2 Stage + CYC

Grand 2 Stage
Grand 2 Stage
Grand 2 Stage
Grand 2 Stage Black CYC
Grand 2 Stage Green Screen CYC
Grand 2 Stage White CYC
Grand 2 Stage Black CYC
grand 2 stage
grand 2 windows
grand 2 stage corner wall
Grand 2 Stage Kitchen
Grand 2 Stage Kitchen
Grand 2 Stage Greenroom
Grand 2 Stage Greenroom
Grand 2 Stage Greenroom
Grand 2 Stage A/C
Studios 60 Grand 2 Stage

Studios 60 Grand 2 Stage

Private video

Future - Jumpin on a Jet (Official Music Video)

Future - Behind the Scenes of Jumpin on a Jet

Nicki Minaj - MEGATRON

Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore (Official Music Video)

Alison Wonderland - Peace

Swizz Beatz, French Montana - SWIZZMONTANA

About Grand 2 Stage:
Our Grand 2 Stage is a 7,000 sq. ft. of unobstructed space with 32 ft. high ceilings equipped with a 30 x 30 x 24 2 wall Cyclorama wall. This stage includes black soundproofing walls to provide the barrier from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


The Warehouse wall is painted in the original green patina paint which further enhances the industrial feel. The ceiling is lined with a grid making it easy to rig lights and includes windows that can be blacked out providing the ideal natural light for your shot. The large empty space makes it ideal for set builds.


The Grand 2 stage includes two hair and makeup stations as well as a private restroom for your talent making it ideal for even your biggest clients. 

Step inside our stages and see for yourself why so many people love to work here. Please message to schedule a scout.


Size: 50’ x 140’  7,000sqft
Grid: 24’
Ceiling: 32’
CYC Wall: 30’ ft x 30’ x 24’
Stage Door 8.5’w x 9.5’h
Loading Dock 9’w x 10’h
CAMLOCK: 3 Phase 1200 amp - $45/hr of usage



Green Room

Stage Manager

Lounge Area

Kitchen (Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, microwave, toaster oven)
5 Ton A/C Unit
Black-Out Curtains / Daylight
(2) Restroom
110v House Power
Water Hose
Fitted with Black Soundproofing

Production Supplies & Props on site

Current Cyclorama Color: Green


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