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Hurricane Haze 1DX

Hurricane Haze 1DX

Hurricane Haze 1DX

Hazer Avaliable for Rent $60|Day



The CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX is a is a water-based haze machine designed to create subtle atmospheres that enhance the visual effects of light beams on dance floors, in concerts, at Halloween events, and more.

Capable of dispersing haze with a continuous output of 800 ft³/minute, the Hurricane Haze 1DX heats up in 2 minutes and fills small- and medium-sized rooms quickly. The haze output is easily adjustable via DMX, or with the Haze Volume knob when the unit is operated in standalone mode. A built-in, 4-button digital display enables you to set the DMX functions.

Compact and lightweight (at 7.2 lb), the Hurricane Haze 1DX features a low-noise fan, and is ideal for applications where space is limited or for use in quiet environments. It is compatible with CHAUVET DJ High Performance Haze Fluid (HFG), which leaves no residue and is non-toxic.



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